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A Dog From Ancient Folklore Which Still Haunts Europe

Black dog finds its origin from ancient religions.

London, January 11, 2020: We have always known dogs as our caring and compassionate companion. Their relation with Men date backs to the evolution of humanity. The bond is so deep rooted that our four legged friend occupies its position in folklores belonging to various cultures, some interesting and a few little scary. One such folklore mentions about European black dogs. They are considered as nocturnal apparitions and shapeshifters, associated with demonic entity and often described has hellhound.

Origin in the old religions

Though the origin of black dog so far has never been estimated accurately but they are assumed to be associated with the old religions of Europe. Religions like Celtic Polytheism and Germanic Paganism were once prominent and practiced all across this region. They believed that the dogs are messenger of death. Black dogs survive this belief and are considered unauspicious, malevolent and are said to be the bringer of death.

Terrifying Appearance

According to the ancient stories the sighting of black dog symbolizes the upcoming death. As per the description, they are larger than the normal dogs with glowing eyes, bared teeth and shaggy black fur. Ancient tales say they are seen during electric storms, on crossroads which according to mythology is the location between the worlds, sites of  execution and ancient pathways.

 Hauntings Across Europe

Sightings of the black dog have been reported all across Europe except a few areas. Dartmoor, Lancashire, Twyford in Winchester, Betchworth Castle in Surrey and other parts of British Isle have their tales of black dog appearing. It said that a headless black dog haunts Ivelet Bridge in Swaledale which is situated in Yorkshire. The dog leaps over the side of bridge. Anybody who saw this dog died within the year. The last sighting was reported around hundred years ago.

Hound of the Baskervilles   

Author Sir Canon Doyle was so intrigued by the stories of black dog that he accommodated them in his literature. Hound of Baskervilles is the third of the four crime novels composed by Sir Canon Doyle featuring detective Sherlock Holmes. It is based on the black dogs of Dartmoor. The Story narrates about an estate haunted by a black dog and Sherlock is skeptical about its identity that whether it is plotted or supernatural.

Belief in Other Cultures

Black dogs also find mention in American and Asian  cultures. Interestingly not everyone considers them bad omen. Here they are supposed to be the guards of underworld.

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