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Choosing to adopt a dog or puppy is an exciting time. Don’t believe us? Here are four heartwarming stories of humans coming to the rescue of shelter dogs

Bringing home a new pet is incredibly exciting. And adopting one from a shelter like the ones managed by PFA (People for Animals) or rescue group is not only exciting, but it’s truly a feel-good experience as well. Every day, hundreds of abandoned and homeless dogs are added to the shelters already packed to their capacity and by adopting, it means that each time you look into your pet’s eyes, you can feel good knowing that you truly did save a life. Moreover, since most rescue dogs are past the puppy stage, it is easier to get an idea of their personality so that you can find the best match for you. When you visit a shelter, you have the opportunity to meet dogs of all shapes and sizes so that, rather than choosing a puppy based on breed, you can choose a dog based on the connection between the two of you. You may be surprised by which dog you connect with! Seriously, what could be better than that? Here, we present a few stills of humans coming to the rescue of shelter dogs.

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