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All Forthe Love of Animals

Bridging the gap between pet parents and pet care services, online services aggregator Pet Konnect champions equal rights and social inclusion for all animals

PetKonnect is India’s most comprehensive online pet products and services aggregator, built to service both pets and stray animals pet lover central. It came together as a concept after its founder, Devanshi Shah, learnt of the gap in pet care services in India. Built on a philosophy of love for animals, PetKonnect champions equal rights and social inclusion for all animals. This service portal was launched in 2019 with the motto “for love beyond words.’’ It offers a wide array of products and facilities for pets, with many firsts within the Indian subcontinent to its credit. PetKonnect seeks to build an ethos of a strong community that cares, while positively impacting the life of animals, their parents and service providers in the sector by acting as a nodal network point.

Services offered:

Store: Bringing our users a large and wide variety of pet products now easily available for purchase and delivery through our website. With over 8,000 products aggregated on our website from leading national and international pet product manufacturers, we serve as a one stop shop for our users.

Pet-Pharma: Get access to one of India’s largest online pet pharmacies that delivers across the country. To ensure only the best for our precious little friends, we have partnered with some of the leading prescription and OTC medication manufacturers, delivering the highest quality and most trusted products to our users.

Community: A social networking platform for pets that enables users to identify pets around them through their geo-tagged locations. By creating a pet profile, users can search, add and make pet friends. The service enables them to share photos, make plans and arrange play dates with other pets.

Service Providers: This section brings service providers and service seekers onto one platform. Users can enjoy easy access to all pet service providers like trainers, walkers, lodgers and boarders, vets and groomers, to name a few.

24 Hour Vet on Call Service: During covid, accessing vets had become a very challenging activity for many pet parents given immense restriction on movement. PetKonnect used this opportunity to partner with some of the leading vets in our country, bringing them into your home. The vet on call service can be accessed pan India.

Pet Licence: This service enables pet parents to easily register their pets’ with government authorities through the PetKonnect app and website. A dog licence is a mandatory requirement, commonly an unknown fact. In addition to government charges, PetKonnect charges Rs 100 convenience fee. Currently available only in Mumbai for the BMC.

Blog: This section serves as a knowledge centre for PetKonnect. Users are given access to relevant content including informative articles, training tips, health tips, food tips, relevant laws, events and much more. Users will also be able to share their own personal stories and learnings in this section.

PetKonnect benefits from a large number of strategic intra-industry partnerships, including product manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, NGOs, vets, service providers, transport companies and many more, giving users access to the best in-class services. As an aggregator of pet products and service providers, PetKonnect has been successful in making its users’ and their pets’ safety a priority. With a rigorous screening process, only the best in-class service providers have access to you through this platform.

Devanshi Shah, the driving force behind PetKonnect, develops and leads corporate strategy, planning and overall execution on behalf of the brand. The thrust of her mandate is ensuring her company is a customer-focussed brand, which is user-friendly and provides clients with top-of-the-line in-class services in the pet and animal-care sector. She has been widely recognised and rewarded for her work in building PetKonnect, which champions social inclusion for all pet lovers animal clinic . Some of these awards include; BW – Young Entrepreneurs Award (2020), recognised in Forbes India Magazine (2022), The Week – Young Female Entrepreneur Award (2022), Yuva Bharati Award conferred by the UP Government (2021). She has also completed the prestigious accelerator program at Viridian Acceleration Centre (2022). This venture is Devanshi’s ode to her late Havanese dog, Hazel. After losing Hazel to an unfortunate medical crisis, Devanshi became aware of the pet-care gaps in India. The idea behind PetKonnect is to enable all pet and animal dog and cat lover caregivers to build a sanitary, safe and loving environment for their non-human charges. Devanshi focuses on assisting pet parents with healthy parenting habits alongside nurturing a sense of compassion in society towards animals. Demonstrating a fine balance of a mature business mindset, tempered by the exuberance of youth, Devanshi draws inspiration from her diverse experiences in both the financial and legal services’ sectors. She began her career at KPMG where she worked on direct tax advisory and compliance, following which she moved into her family business, Ishan Industries. Here Devanshi managed the implementation of ERP systems, financial compliance, and internal control monitoring mechanisms for reduction in resource waste. In order to further develop and refine her skillset, Devanshi held positions at Deven Dwarkadas & Partners as well as Moore Stephens. Devanshi is alma mater to Imperial College Business School, London, where she completed her full-time MBA. Here, the focus of her programme was ‘Entrepreneurship and Innovative Problem Solving’. She also held the position of co-chairperson at the India Business Club at the university. Before venturing into the corporate sector, Devanshi acquired a B. Com degree from the HR College of Commerce, Mumbai, a Bachelor of Law (LLB) degree from the Government Law College, Mumbai, and completed her Chartered Accountancy (CA).