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My dog is well-behaved, but a bunch of society kids are always trying to tease him. Though I keep telling the kids to mind their ways, I’m scared he might bite someone one of these days. What to do if that happens? - Nishu Rawat, Gurgaon Read more
I take really good care of my four-year-old pet by making him eat right, exercise daily and proper grooming. All his vaccinations are up-to-date and he hasn’t given me any reasons for visiting the vet. Do you still suggest an annual physical exam? The vet’s bills are exorbitant, you see. – Asha Negi, Dehra Dun Read more
I have recently adopted a Chow Chow puppy as its owners, who were shifting to the US with family said they couldn’t afford to take him along. I simply adore the pup, but I’m concerned with his grooming. A lot of people told me it’s sheer luxury and not more than a fashion statement. Is it true? –Rhea Mirchandani, Mumbai Read more
My Shih Tzu, Toto, has two main purposes in life: to provide unconditional love and to be the little cute thing that makes me happy. The fluffy ball of fur, however, turns into a monster when I try to brush his hair. What can I do about my dog’s matted coat? Please help. - Rekha Pandey, Mumbai Read more
It’s very hot these days and though I really try to take good care of my Golden Retrievers by keeping them indoors in an air-conditioned room, I’m not sure if he’s drinking as much water as they should. I’m afraid they will get dehydrated. - Mridul Garg, Delhi Read more