I have a German Shepherd, who is two years old now and he loves people but is terrified of dogs. Lately he has been showing aggression to children. He’s nipping, snarling and even lunging at kids who try to pet or play with him. He’s never shown this kind of aggression before and I don’t know what to do. Is it because he isn’t fixed? I need help. If this problem isn’t foxed soon I could get complaints or he could hurt a kid: my worst fear. Please give me your opinions. _ Rohit Aggarwal, Kolkata Read more
I have grown up listening to stories and watching films about how Golden Retrievers are such a friendly breed until Austin, who lives in the same gated community as me, suddenly bit me on my hand when I tried to pat him. He was wagging his tail and that bite came out of nowhere. What went wrong? – Krish Khanna, Noida Read more
My dog is well-behaved, but a bunch of society kids are always trying to tease him. Though I keep telling the kids to mind their ways, I’m scared he might bite someone one of these days. What to do if that happens? - Nishu Rawat, Gurgaon Read more