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Beware if Your Dog Licks Your Lips

Both you and your pet could be struck down with illness.

London, May 5, 2019: It is hard to resist when your cuddly mutt shows affection, especially when it licks your face and lips. But no matter what, you must not let your dog reach your face, nor if a recent research is to be believed.

According to a recent finding licky dog can actually spread a great deal of antibiotic-resistant bacteria to your mouth, and that’s never good news. Dogs don’t brush their teeth everyday, and so their mouths harbor a lot of bacteria, much of it harmful to humans. Hence letting your dog kiss you on the lips could be really bad for your health.

Scientists at Glasgow Caledonian University discovered that allowing dogs to kiss or lick your face or eat from your plate increases the chance of spreading ¬antibiotic-resistant bugs between species.Both you and your pet could be struck down with illnesses that can’t be treated with antibiotics, as the rise in antibiotic resistant bacteria leads to more and more superbugs in the UK.Health psychologist Dr Adele Dickson, who led the research, said to media “This close contact could potentially put adults, children and the pets themselves at risk of transferring bugs that are resistant to antibiotics through saliva.

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