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Bony Delights are Causing Harm to Your Pet’s Teeth

As per experts it can break their teeth.

Sydney, July 17, 2019: Bony treats are common when you own a dog. These are considered best for keeping your fur balls teeth clean. However, some vets are pleading with pet owners to think twice about feeding bones to their dogs, saying they can cause shocking injuries that cost families tens of thousands in dental bills.

For generations of pet owners, throwing the dog a bone has been standard practice. But not every dog is fortunate to enjoy the same. For 12-year-old Fred, they left him needing eight root canals, three extractions and 12 restorations.

Veterinary surgeon Dr Kirsten Hailstone, who heads the Kurralta Park animal hospital’s dental unit, said to media, raw bones are often recommended, but studies show they’re a bad idea. “They don’t clean teeth, they break teeth,” she said. Hailstone says she found “big shards of raw sharp bone”, that had been smashed as he ate it, lodged into the roof of Fred’s mouth. Five-year-old Clyde also broke a tooth on a bone and now sports a $2,000 gold crown.

A number of dental hygiene products are on the market, but experts say none work better than a good old-fashioned toothbrush. The issue is, few use it regularly. Dog owner Wendy McGovern’s pet Blossom had peridontal disease. She agreed to give brushing a go – and after a few months of daily cleaning, Blossom’s dental problems were turned around.


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