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Canine Commandos Honored on Retirement by CISF

These seven dogs were providing their services to Delhi Metro

New Delhi, November 20, 2019: After serving eight long years in Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) seven canines retired on Tuesday. The unique thing about this farewell was their honor party which was nothing short of a commando’s ceremonial honors.

CISF on Tuesday organized a grand ceremony to honor the dogs at its Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) unit. A red carpet was laid for the seven retired canines. They were offered a salute and later presented medals, certificates and mementos for their service. Afterwards these brave heart canines were handed over to a a non-governmental organization that runs a shelter and hospital for the welfare of stray animals in Delhi.

CISF Post on twitter informed about the ceremony which said “Born as a dog, retired as a soldier,”. “A Farewell ceremony for 07 K9 members of CISF organized CISF Unit DMRC Delhi. They were handed over to NGO Friendicoes SECA, New Delhi. Thank you for your services!”

CISF is a industrial paramilitary force of the country which provides security to industrial installation of the country. Dogs Squad constitutes the integral part of their safety setup.

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