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Why Brush Dogs’ Teeth and How Often?

Problems Caused by Insufficient Dental Care

Proper dental hygiene will help prevent your pet from developing a wide range of dental health complications, such as periodontal disease caused by mouth bacteria accumulation. These bacteria produce a film over the teeth called plaque. They become calcified by the calcium in the saliva as the bacteria die. Tartar is considered as the calcified plaque, and it can ultimately lead to gingivitis, which can lead to an inflammation of the tooth’s root. The tissues around the tooth are damaged in the late stages of periodontal disease, and the socket that keeps the tooth in place erodes, which makes the tooth loss. Broken teeth are another common dental concern. It can break your dog’s teeth by chewing on rough toys and bones. A broken tooth, which is very painful for your pet, can expose the tooth’s nerve. In addition, the exposed nerve can become infected and cause your pet even more problems. The tooth will need to be removed at this stage.

The Right Choice For Your Pets

As veterinary dentistry can dissolve built-up plaque, which is why pets must go in for periodic dental cleanings. There are a few things you can do at home, however, to help keep the teeth and gums of your pet safe as well. Brushing their teeth is the best thing you can do with your pet’s oral health. Tartar and plaque build-up can be avoided by frequent brushing.
You can start brushing your pet’s teeth slowly by buying pet-specific toothpaste and either a normal or finger toothbrush. You’ll want to continue in a way that makes it easier for your dog to get used to brushing. Enable your pet to lick off the brush with some of the toothpaste. This helps them get used to the toothpaste’s taste and the brush’s feel. Only brush the fronts for the first few days. As time passes, you can start brushing all their teeth if your pet feels more relaxed. For a little reward, follow the brushing with a treat.
You can also buy oral products with liquid and foam that help kill some of the bacteria in your dog’s mouth. There are also toys and treats that can help clear the build-up of plaque and tartar from the teeth of your pet, but not all of them. Dental treats and dental toys also work. Thus, dental care will definitely improve your dog’s overall health in the following ways by preventing:
– Tooth loss
– Bad breath
– Oral pain
– Organ damage
– Worsening dental disease
Get your pet the best treatment and secure their health for a lifetime!

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Spaying & Neutering – How Essential is it For Dogs?

What is spaying and neutering:

One of the most important health choices you can make is to spay or neuter your dog, whether you’ve just adopted a pet or you’re considering it. Spaying is the removal of a female dog’s reproductive organs- ovaries and uterus. It’s a veterinary operation that needs limited hospitalization and provides health benefits for a lifetime. Neutering is removing your male dog’s testicles that will significantly enhance your pet’s behaviour and keep him within boundaries. Many states and counties have built low-cost neuter/spay services that make surgery readily available and affordable. 

Here’s a list of reasons to spay/neuter your dog if you haven’t already:

  • Health benefits: In addition to eliminating unnecessary litter, testicular cancer is avoided by neutering your male dog.
  • No heat: Although cycles can vary, during the breeding season, female dogs typically go into heat four to five days every three weeks. They’ll yowl and urinate more often in an attempt to mate, often all over the place!
  • Longer and healthier lives: In about 50 per cent of dogs, spaying helps avoid uterine infections and breast cancer, which is lethal. The best protection from these diseases is given by spaying your pet before her first heat.
  • No roaming far away from home: To find a mate, an intact male can cross limits. That involves digging his way under the fence and letting himself escape from the house. Plus, he risks injury in traffic and battles with other males until he’s free to roam.
  • Better behaviour: Cats and dogs that are neutered focus their attention on their human families. On the other hand, unneutered dogs can cause a havoc by spraying strong-smelling urine all over the house. By early neutering, many aggression problems can be prevented.
  • Fit pets: Spaying or neutering does not make your pet fat. A deficit of exercise and letting your pet binge-eat will cause your pet to pack on the extra pounds. As long as you continue to provide exercise and track food intake, your pet will remain fit and trim.
  • Pocket-friendly: The cost of spay/neuter surgery for your pet is much less than the cost of having and taking care of a litter. In cases when your unneutered dog escapes and gets into fights with the neighbourhood stray, it also beats the price of treatment!
  • Benefits the community: In many parts of the country, stray animals pose a real problem. They can prey on wildlife, cause car accidents, harm local wildlife and scare children. In reducing the number of animals on the streets, spaying and neutering is a real boon.
  • Reduces overpopulation: Millions of cats and dogs of all ages and breeds are euthanized or suffer like strays every year. The peeking stats are due to a poorly estimated litter that could have been prevented by spaying or neutering.

Get your dog neutered now! One of the most important choices you make to affect your long-term health and your wallet could be the option to spay or neuter your pet!

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Drawing Room Interior Decoration

No Idea about Your New Drawing Room Interior Decoration? Join Us Right Now!

You can buy a luxury house with money, but can’t bring aesthetic touch to it. We, The Art Life Gallery, have vowed to bring the finest and most sophisticated aesthetic sense to the people of Noida with our exhibitions and fairs and the world through our website.

Whenever you think of a new drawing room interior decoration for your home, or changing it, don’t hesitate to visit us. Let’s see what can provide you.

Best Drawing Room Interior Design

Imagine how do you want your drawing room look like? See, drawing room is a space where the family members spend a lot of time. Besides, people visit you in the same place. So, it’s vital to decorate your bedroom to showcase your taste of art to friends, neighbors and relatives. However, we offer you a vast collection of paintings for art nouveau room design.

Where do we stand out?

We offer versatile and large-sized platforms for a diverse range of artists to show their talent in various subject matters. Whether you have a sense of art, or just love to watch artworks, we have you covered. Once you come to the solo art galleries and curate group exhibitions, you will find the best bedroom painting designing for your home.

We offer exclusive collections of original art and limited sculpture paintings. Trust us, this is just a great environment to enjoy, appreciate and buy unique artworks like best drawing room interior design. Accessing us and buying from us is easy and quick.

Our website offers a user-friendly order and payment system. So, what are you waiting for? Just navigate to The Art Life Gallery.

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Heard of dog cafés? Chennai’s Twisty Tales has special treats for furry friends

“Animal-assisted therapy is something that interested me. I wanted to start a place where people could come play with puppies and de-stress. After four years of building on that idea, we finally started Twisty Tails in January this year,” says Dandey.

“Animal-assisted therapy is something that interested me. I wanted to start a place where people could come play with puppies and de-stress. After four years of building on that idea, we finally started Twisty Tails in January this year,” says Dandey, who has 13 puppies of her own. They are all at the cafe, eagerly entertaining diners and their pets. These include Havanese, mix of Havanese and bichon frise, and shih tzus. The café has three sections: puppy love (where Dandey’s pets chill), dog café (where humans and their furry friends can enjoy a meal together), and restocafe (where pets are not allowed). There are two separate menus for pets and their owners. There are separate kitchens and washing areas to maintain hygiene. “Chicken puff and ice cream are a huge hit among the doggies. The seasonal ice cream contains watermelon, tender coconut and mint,” says Dandey, adding, “The menu was rather elaborate at first. Then we saw what most dogs liked and retained those.” Big dogs eat everything. The small dogs are fussy eaters, she says. “But one of my pets, Yummy, eats whatever it can find,” she says pointing to a little ball of fur that’s busily sniffing the grass and surreptitiously trying to eat some mud. When she sees us looking at her, she lets go of the grass and walks away with the grace of a dignified old lady. The café is a great place for a few laughs that the antics of the four-legged brigade provides. Since Chennai lacks pet friendly places, this is a great place for pets to socialise with other pets. On weekends, the premises is teeming with owners and their little companions. This concept also works well for people who want pets, but can’t keep one due to rules by apartment associations, monetary issues or lack of help at home. They can come play with the residents of Twisty Tails. “I’ve also seen clients who visit us to get over their fear of dogs,” she says. And over time, they find themselves a new best friend here.

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Tips for caring for your dog this summer

Summer is upon us, and as temperatures rise, it’s important to remember that dogs are feeling the heat more acutely than their owners.

Summer is upon us, and as temperatures rise, it’s important to remember that dogs are feeling the heat more acutely than their owners. To better understand how to keep your canine friend safe and comfortable during the hotter months. “Dogs don’t really have the same cooling method that we have. Whereas humans have sweat glands covering the length of their bodies, dogs have sweat glands only on those areas not covered with fur. This leaves canines much more susceptible to heatstroke, especially as temperatures and humidity continue to climb.

When the heat is too much, sometimes the simplest solution is simply bringing your pet indoors. “For those that have outside dogs or whose dogs stay outside while they’re at work, making sure they have plenty of shade for that dog and plenty of fresh water.” If your animal is eager for exercise, try limiting walks to the earlier or later hours of the day when the heat is less intense. If your animal is exhibiting signs of exhaustion, cut the walk short or limit the amount of exercise on any given day. If you do decide to go for a walk, always try to steer toward grassy areas. In extreme cases, asphalt temperatures can rise as high as 140 degrees, which can easily burn the pads beneath your pet’s feet. Even on a 70-degree day, the temperature inside a parked car can rise to 110 degrees. Temperatures rise rapidly the longer the car is left unattended, which can then lead to heatstroke or death for any animal left inside.

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