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Disney unleashes fashion line to ‘match’ your dog

Right from dog accessories to stationary, the collection includes various stuff. 

New York, July 29,2019: Disney has a special gift for dog owners this summer. The ‘Oh My Disney’ Dog range is every dog owner’s dream, featuring matching jumpers, jackets and jeans themed around pooches from our favorite Disney flicks. There’s a denim jacket covered in “101 Dalmatians,” a Max from “The Little Mermaid” t-shirt and of course a “Lady and The Tramp”-themed bag.

A personal favorite item is the blue tie-dye jumper reading “SQUAD,” featuring several Disney dogs.According to Fox new, You and your pampered pooch can even eat and drink from matching dog bowls and cups. Other characters include Charles Muntz’s golden retriever Dug from “Up” and German Shepherd “Bolt.” This week, Disney took to Instagram to post about the new range, posting a series of images of the cute collection.

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