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Does your dog love the cold? It’s not all about genetics

Pets behavior depend on how we keep them.

Some dogs are playful and some surely prefer to cuddle in the couch. Likewise, certain dog breeds are known for their resistance to the cold, but some experts say it’s not just about genetics.

People usually think of Huskies or German Shepherds when it comes to loving cold weather, but local animal service officers say it really depends on the individual dog.
If your dog spends a lot of time outside, it will become more acclimated to the cold versus a couch dog who’s normally indoors.
If your dog does like to play in the snow, one officer recommends putting a sweater or booties on your pet before going out.
Kelsey Harty, Animal Services & Enforcement Officer, Humane Society of the Black Hills in South Dakota, USA, says, “Some dogs really enjoy this weather. I know some of them like to tunnel and burrow in the snow and they just have the time of their lives. I don’t think that the weather should stop you from doing anything, but I definitely think that you should be more mindful as to what you need to do to prepare to take you and your animal outside.”
She also suggests leaving a heated water bowl out.

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