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Dog Falls off Cliff, Survives on Seaweed for 45 Days!

Owners lost hope of finding him. 


Oklahoma, July 1, 2019: Survival of fittest theory actualized here when a dog who was thought to be dead survived on seaweed, sticks and stones for 45 days after falling off a 547ft cliff. Shadow, an 18-month-old Shar-Pei, was on a clifftop walk with his owners on May 9 when he slipped his harness, fell off the cliff and went missing near Falcon Hill Beacon near Eype in Dorset.

Coastguard, volunteers and the owners together with their family and friends ran search parties and appeals, but weren’t able to find the young dog.  After desperate search Amber Whiting, the dog owner from Bridport, assumed he had died or been stolen.But holiday-makers found the dog on June 23 and called animal welfare charity RSPCA. By that time, he was barely recognisable.  When the couple found the canine he was unrecognizable despite the microchip details.

Once a sturdy dog, he was visibly emaciated. He had lost almost half of his weight and had a badly broken leg. Shadow has undergone surgery to remove sticks, stones and dried seaweed in his stomach that he had seemingly eaten in an effort to survive. He will also require further surgery to correct a badly reset broken leg, which is thought to have after the fall from the 547ft cliff face.



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