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Dog Therapy is Preventing Students From Dropping out

Studies show spending time with canines lowers the stress levels. 

Washington, July 5, 2019: With increasing pressure and competition, stress is taking toll on students. Consequently many of them are opting out of educational institution. In a bid to lower the dropping out rate universities are using dog therapy to heal the stressed students.

Now, scientists say they have objective evidence to support the use of dogs. Patricia Pendry, from Washington State University, said her study showed “soothing” sessions with dogs could lessen the negative impact of stress. As per the report of BBC, the study of more than 300 undergraduates had found weekly hour-long sessions with dogs brought to the university by professional handlers had made stressed students at “high risk of academic failure” or dropping out “feel relaxed and accepted”, helping them to concentrate, learn and remember information, she said.

“Students most at risk, such as those with mental health issues, showed the most benefit,” said Dr Pendry . It has also become more common in the UK, with Buckingham, University College London, Cambridge, Nottingham Trent, London Metropolitan and Swansea among those deploying dogs. The University of Middlesex has even put “canine teaching assistants” on to the staff, to stop lonely students dropping out. Students appeared to “feel calmer and more socially supported”, giving them more confidence in their studies.




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