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Dog turns Investment Banker and Finance Honcho to mush

We chat up Mr Kamal Rampuria, SVP – AUM Capital, who in an impassioned interview, introduces us to ‘Bira’ – his K9

You have a special four-legged friend in your life. Who is he/she and what’s the age?

He is Bira, Bira Rampuria, my boy. Don’t know his exact age, but has been with me for a little over 4 years now.

How did you meet him?

He was abandoned by someone and was in a shelter home. My daughter reached out to him through one of my contacts, and we decided to adopt him.

Who was your first fur baby? What are your earliest memories of having dogs around?

Bira is my first fur baby. Since this was the first fur baby we ever had, I was at the beginning, extremely perplexed and upset as to how things would be. I was between a Yes and a No to adopt Bira, but my daughter (Nishtha) was keen and firm. One of my travel days, she went ahead and got Bira home. The first week with Bira home was extremely fearful and upsetting as he would roam around freely and I was just not comfortable with it and never even got close to him until that one day. Nishtha made me pet him and the world changed thereafter. Actually, he was very sick when we got him home. He had a liver problem, had ticks, an extremely low level of haemoglobin, etc. Thankfully we identified a good Vet and took all steps needed for his recovery. He is now a very health and loving child.

What is it that makes him/her special? How does he greet you when you are back home?

Everything about him is so special. He is extremely caring, loving, playful and an attention-seeker. He is very emotional too, but at the same time very intelligent and smart. When I am back home (for which he waits), he catches hold of a cushion in his mouth and keeps running around the house and me, till such time that I give him a treat. He smothers me with kisses thereafter.

Do you groom/ bathe your furbaby? How often does he need to be groomed?

Yes, we do bathe him once a week and groom him. We also take him to a spa once a month.

Where do you draw the line when it comes to pampering him, like giving treats or taking him for drives?

For him drives are fixed on Saturdays and Sundays and all those days when Papa has a holiday or he is travelling. We are usually liberal with treats but usually have fixed schedules for treats. He acts naughty and greedy sometimes.

Is he allowed on the couch or the bed?

Of course, he is most welcome to any part of the house.

What games he like to play with you and his favourite toy?

He likes to play tug-of-war with his caretaker cum master (Damodar) and me. He loves doing that with cushions and some of his toys. He also like playing around with balls.

Who takes him to the vet? What is his reaction when he goes to the vet clinic?

It is always me and his real master Damodar who go to the vet. He is usually ok with it except that he is very jealous of other leashed dogs.

What’s that one quality that makes a dog so endearing to you?

The looks- when he looks at you, wags his tail and pushing into you for love and attention.

Is it only dogs or you love animals in general?

Ever since Bira has come into my life, I have started loving all animals so much. All thanks to Bira.

About the Rampurias

Kamal Rampuria is a Wealth Manager and Investment Banker designated as Sr Vice President at AUM Capital. His wife Anila, is a home maker. Anila and Kamal have a daughter Nishtha. Nishtha is the one who brought Bira into their lives. Do lookout for, and read about Nishtha and Bira’s enchanting story (in Nishtha’s own words) in this issue of Buddy Life. Last but not the least are Damodar Yadav and Ramesh Kumar who are Bira’s caretakers.