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Dog walking banned in Beijing city parks

The authorities in Beijing have banned the walking of dogs in city parks in a recently published municipal regulation, sparking heated public discussion.

Beijing, August 9, 2018: The Beijing Gardening and Greening Bureau published a blacklist of uncivilised behaviours in public parks, adding activities such as walking pets, making loud noises, digging wild vegetables or fishing.

There have long been complaints that some dog owners do not tie up their dogs in parks, putting visitors in danger. Owners’ refusal to clean up their dog’s droppings has also annoyed many park goers. As a result, the bureau listed dog walking on its blacklist.To ensure the effectiveness of the blacklist, the authority has posted the rules in all parks, and some 1,000 volunteers will watch for violations.

Mr Liu Jianhua, leader of the volunteer team, said to media that they will try to persuade visitors who fail to obey the rules to not do anything to harm the park environment. The regulation has triggered discussion among the public, especially pet owners. However, not all residential communities have banned dog walking. Many communities in Beijing have set up facilities for dog owners to dispose of their dog droppings.


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