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Doggo Food for Thought

Ishmeet Singh Chandiok, Founder-Harley’s Corner and Ingrid Smolders, Ortho-Molecular Canine Nutritionist, shine spotlight on canine nutrition at Taj Connaught, Delhi.

India’s first 100% human grade fresh pet food brand, Harley’s Corner has recently brought on board an Ortho-molecular canine nutritionist, Ingrid smoulders, who is also a Bio Chemist and Herbalist. Ingrid, who is based in Netherlands, holds an experience of close to 2 decades in her line of expertise and will be in India on a 3 city tour this December. Ingrid is the Chief Nutritionist at Harley’s Corner.

The exclusive gathering kicked off in New Delhi and is set to be held at Bangalore and Mumbai soon. Pet parents indulged in tête-à-tête sessions with Ingrid and Ishmeet over high tea. The duo touched upon vital facets of canine nutrition and emerging trends while also dispensing personalized advice.

Harley’s Corner showcased its “irresistible sauces” that elevate the ordinary kibble to a more delightful mealtime experience.

The inception of Harley’s Corner

Ishmeet Singh Chandiok Founder – Harley’s Corner, reminisces:

“Harley’s Corner was created for Harley, my big boy Indie, who adopted me as his pet parent at a construction site.

It was love at first sight. I took home this adorable hungry puppy and realised that the dry dog food available in the market was not healthy for him. As a trained hotel management professional and a canine nutritionist, I decided to develop healthy and wholesome meals for Harley, which he loved as did other dogs in our neighbourhood! Our brand was built on the heartfelt response from wagging tails and happy pet parents.

What Harley’s Corner offers?

Ishmeet continues, “We are India’s first ready-to-eat premium wet dog food brand, with a diverse range of ready-to-eat dog food products. All our meals are 100% balanced over 30 parameters, including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc; made with ONLY HUMAN GRADE ingredients (Ishmeet emphasizes on ONLY HUMAN GRADE), Preservative Free and not to mention tonnes of love with an ambient shelf life of 12 months.”

The Nutrition Angle

Says Ingrid, “The Big benefit of home styled food that Harley’s Corner offers, is that the food brings to rest the immune system of your dog making it extremely beneficial for dogs with allergies, gastrointestinal problems, lack of appetite, etc.”

“And as the meals are complete, i.e., perfectly balanced over 30 parameters, which include vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, proteins, carbohydrates, etc, they support the overall health of the dog increasing their immunity and their gut health. These benefits are never achievable through the commercial dry food available in the market,” concludes Ingrid.

The range

As per Ishmeet, “Among the meals, we have all protein sources, from chicken, fish, mutton, bovine red meat and pork. We also have Paneer for our 100% vegetarian dog meal. Our sauces include chicken, chicken liver, mutton and vegetarian sauces. All the meals are balanced with our patent pending premix that allows us to give the dog the

perfectly balanced meal. We are also launching India’s first range of Puppy Food and Therapeutic Meals (Weight Management, Mobility, Renal, Hypoallergenic and Gastro) in the Ready-to-Eat segment. All these meals are balanced and have a supplemental premix that aids in the recovery of the dogs.”

The food preparation process

“So, Harley’s Corner embraces cutting-edge technology to bring to you the freshest and most nutritionally rich food without the need for preservatives. Our commitment to quality is exemplified by our use of Retort Technology, a game-changing method in food preservation. Our retort-sealed packaging ensures that our products remain shielded from external contaminants. Combined with the absence of preservatives, this guarantees an extended shelf life at ambient room temperature of 12 months without compromising quality. We also understand the importance of maintaining the taste and texture of freshly prepared meals. With our precise control of temperature and pressure, Retort Technology allows us to deliver products that have the same experience of home-cooked goodness. Notably, at Harley’s Corner we are committed to sustainable practices. By reducing the need for preservatives and extending shelf life, our use of Retort Technology leads to less food waste and a smaller environmental footprint.”

About the event

“This event signifies Harley’s Corner’s unwavering commitment to holistic pet care, with upcoming launches of Puppy Food and Therapeutic Food in collaboration with leading Indian veterinarians. Partnering with the Taj Group, Harley’s Corner continues to redefine pet-friendly hospitality, ensuring a fulfilling experience for pets and their dedicated owners,” concludes Ishmeet.