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From Now Police Dog Units Will Also Get Appraisal

CID is drawing plan to review the performance of police dog units.

New Delhi, January 30, 2020: There are innumerable such incidents when police dog units averted major attacks by deducting explosives. Their day to day contribution is no less than the human forces but, so far their valor remained unrecognized. Now as the state criminal investigation department (CID) has decided to review the performance of the dog units and their handlers, they can get their long overdue.

According to Times of India CID has decided to draw up a plan to conduct an appraisal of police dogs as well as their handlers. “The performance of the dogs and their handlers were never recorded. There was no review system for the dog units. Now we have decided to assess the working of these units on a monthly basis,” CID chief additional director general of police Atulchandra Kulkarni told TOI.

Each district police unit, police commissionerate, Government Railway Police (GRP) unit, special operation unit, has a dog squad. Each dog unit has three to four units, depending on the requirement, Kulkarni said. In all, the state police have 350 sniffer dogs and 45 police units. The CID also runs a dog training school in Pune. Every month, the dog units would have to send a performance review sheet to the CID, the nodal agency for all the units in the state.

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