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How much water should your furry friend drink?

It is very hot these days and many dog owners are not sure as to how much water their furry friends should drink. In fact many loving dog owners are often confused as to how to keep their beloved pet hydrated.

Dog owners need to understand that the body of a dog consists of over 70% water, more or less like the body of a human and, therefore, dog should drink water in an equal part of its diet. As a thumb rule a dog should drink between 0.6 and 1 ounces of water for every pound of body weight.

However, you don’t have to waste your time and calculate the necessary amount. If your dog is healthy and has a bowl filled with water at its discretion, it will drink the correct amount, depending on its needs.

Some days it might drink more and some days it might drink less. Regardless of its behaviour, it is recommended to pay attention if your dog drinks water or not.

If you notice your dog drinking a lot of water, then you should start worrying unless it is a really hot summer day or it only eats dry food. This is because dogs that only eat dry food usually drink more water in order to ensure their daily needs. A dog that eats wet food will drink less water in comparison with a dog that is on a dry food diet, because a part of its hydration needs are met by the food itself.

However, without these reasons if the dog is drinking excessive water it might be sick.

Water is very necessary for a dog to dissolve the substances and transport them throughout the body of the body of a dog.

Water contributes directly to the chemical reactions that are vital for a pooch’s digestive system and circulatory system to work properly. In addition, water helps a dog’s body to filter waste and regulates its temperature through evaporation.

Lack of water can lead to kidney or heart failure in a dog. Most of the time it is difficult to explain to the dog how important it is to drink water, but the owners have to understand the importance of water. Even a dog’s instinct helps in making it consume an optimum amount of water for its body to stay hydrated.

So if you notice a dog not drinking water, you should schedule a visit to the vet.