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Mysterious Dog illness is Plaguing North Carolina

178 cases reported so far.

New York, September 3, 2019: Veterinarians in North Carolina have seen a surge in a mysterious coughing illness in dogs and they’re warning owners to keep an eye out for the signs.Dr. Page Wages has seen an astounding 178 cases in the past month at Care First Animal Hospital.

“I am a little bit worried about this new cough we’re seeing in dogs,” Wages said.And it’s not just one type of cough — there are multiple.”Some (coughs) are quiet. Some are really loud, they sound like a goose, which we usually attribute to kennel cough,” Wages said. “Some coughs are wet, so some dogs are ending up with bronchitis, some with bronchopneumonia, some with full pneumonia.”

According to abc7, a lot of dogs have high fevers and have to be hospitalized. Some have been placed on oxygen, both at Care First and N.C. State. Cases started popping up in late July and early August in dogs who are highly social like those who frequent dog parks, day camps and social spots in downtown Raleigh, N.C.

The highly contagious illness is spread from dog to dog, not to or from humans.Dogs only have to be 10 to 12 centimeters apart to spread it.Dogs tested have shown everything from a common lung infection to bordetella (also known as kennel cough), even in dogs who’ve been given the bordetella vaccine.

Some dogs have gotten more severe cases, called pseudomonas.”Pseudomonas”, Dr. Wages said, “is really, really, really hard to kill.” The severe cases of pseudomonas require a treatment of multiple antibiotics for four to six weeks.No dogs have died of this mysterious illness yet, but Wages says it’s possible, especially since some dogs had to be placed on oxygen.

Animal experts are calling this “Canine Upper Respiratory Infectious Disease. Nobody really knows,” Wages says. “It’s not just here. We’ve seen a lot of cases in the downtown Raleigh area, but Wake Forest has it, Winston Salem is seeing it and there are reported cases in Alabama. So, it’s everywhere, somewhere.”

Dogs who’ve been given bordetella and influenza vaccines don’t have as severe of symptoms, but Dr. Wages is begging dog owners not to take your dogs to dog parks or day camps or social spots for a few weeks until the cycle can be broken.
If your dog has an unusual cough Dr. Wages urges you to call your veterinarian.

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