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When dogs don’t receive adequate dental treatment, 80% of them develop periodontal diseases by the time they are three years old. Therefore, it’s important to help pet owners understand the significance of dental care for dogs and provide them with the need for proper dental treatment. Read more
One of the most important health choices you can make is to spay or neuter your dog. Many states and counties have built low-cost neuter/spay services that make surgery readily available and affordable. Read more
You can never compromise on the right nutrition for your pup! Even though buying dog food straight out of the supermarket shelf seems convenient, there’s no replacement for homemade meals. Homemade puppy food will save you a bit of cash and allow you to custom-design a diet that suits the needs of your puppy. Read more
Occasional aggression in your pets is expected, however, needs to be checked if it's getting out of control. A feisty temper usually begins on a passive note, but can ultimately lead to attacks, causing everyone to stay yards away from you and your pet. Read more