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Oh, poodles! Dogs born in winter are healthier

Dogs – the best friend humans have got – make for the best companions.

Dogs – the best friend humans have got – make for the best companions. Their human friends don’t mind going to lengths to ensure their health and well-being. According to a study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, dogs born in June through August are at higher risk of heart disease than those born in other months, rising in July to 74 percent higher risk. A correlation to outdoor air pollution may be the culprit. The birth month difference in risk was marginal among breeds that are genetically predisposed to the disease, suggesting that heart disease acquired later in life may be birth season dependent among all dog breeds.Breeds not genetically predisposed to cardiovascular diseases, such as Norfolk terrier, Berger Picard, American Staffordshire terrier, English toy spaniel, Bouvier des Flandres, Border terrier, and Havanese were found to be at highest risk. Overall, dogs have a 0.3 to 2 percent risk of developing heart disease depending on breed. The research team found that risk climbs to the greatest level in dogs born in July, that have a 74 percent greater risk of heart disease than would typically be expected.

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