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Puppy Love

It’s no secret that babies are cute — and, of course, the same could be said for dogs. But what happens when they join forces?


New Delhi, January 7, 2020: English Pointer Nora was rescued seven years before her humans decided to have kids. And now, three little tykes, two rescue dogs, and two cats later, their family is finally complete. While this might sound like the kind of hectic scenario that’s straight out of a reality show, the family’s kids and pets have actually developed a strong bond. In particular, the little kid Archie, who is close to two years now, and Nora are the best of friends, spending most of the day together, including the cutest daily naps.

Heart Melting Posts

This adorable rescue dog and baby duo are so cute, there’s simply nothing more we need to say to make them even more adorable. Every photo we see makes us fall more in love than the last! In fact, every time this rescue dog and tiny human cuddle, our hearts melt more and more. We’re pretty much just a puddle on the floor right now. For those not already aware, Elizabeth Spence, 44, a Canadian, started posting pictures of her little baby Archie and Nora, an English Pointer, on Instagram and soon had people flocking to her account in hundreds. “Despite having come from an abusive situation, Nora’s sweet and gentle nature shone through and we knew with certainty she would be a wonderful family dog when the time came,” says Spence.

Both share strong bond

“Don’t think that they’re damaged goods. They’re as worthy of a home as anyone else. She absolutely did not disappoint!” Spence and her husband her husband Michael, 43, now have three kids, three rescue dogs and three rescue cats and Nora gets along famously with all of them, particularly Archie. “Nora and Archie have such a strong bond that I began photographing their daily interactions and the supervised communal naps that they (and sometimes Nora’s pup Remington) take together to show what amazing pets most rescue animals are and to encourage others to consider giving them a chance at love, too!” she says. Though her house can be chaotic, they don’t mind it at all. “We like it,” Spence says. “It’s crazy, but we’re happy!” Spence, a stay-at-home mom, started to learn photography to be able to capture important moments in her kids’ lives.

Stunning Pictures

Though Spence doesn’t refer to herself as a professional photographer yet, her photos are stunning. “Once my husband bought me a better camera,” she says. “That’s when I started to have more fun.” Spence is sure to never leave Archie unattended during a nap, no matter which
fluffy creature he’s snuggling with. “Some people are worried about it being dangerous, but I never leave them alone, I’m always in the room,” she says. Spence says although many people see the pictures as unique, the napping and cuddling session is an everyday occurrence at her home. “I will put laundry away while Archie is sleeping on my bed, and there is Nora sleeping away with him. The dogs and kids are always interacting.”All of the animals are rescues from Funds for Furry Friends, which is a nationally registered charity that is a foster home-based rescue, meaning animals stay in foster homes until they’re able to be placed in forever homes. For more adorable pictures of all the cuddling-cuteness, check out Spence’s Instagram!


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