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Rottwieler Shadow’s 1st Birthday Became a Gala Affair in Gaur City

It was all about food, fun and friends. 

Greater Noida, January 13, 2020: Gaur City 1, in Greater Noida West experienced a sun soaked Sunday splendor on January 12. After all it was Rottwieler Shadow’s first birthday and what can be better than making your canine kid’s birthday a memorable one.


Funday Sunday for furballs

Avanika, the pet parent organized a party to celebrate Shadow’s special day. With  warm sun and vast stretch of grass, it was fun all the way for more than a dozen fur-babies. These little wonders got together to wish Shadow a very happy birthday. A large cake, cold drinks, snacks were all there to welcome the pet parents. Shadow’s four-legged friends played several rounds of games with bones and balls. Both pets and their parent’s had a great time as the party ended on a note high of laughter and frolic.

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