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Signs Your Dog is Jealous of Your Partner

London, February 16, 2020: Introducing a new person to your home can set off all kinds of alarm bells for your dog. Like us, dogs can be a bit anxious about change, and the sudden attention you’re paying to another human, rather than them, can cause jealousy. Dogs love hard. Think about how excited they get when you come home after an hour gone.

According to Ben Cunningham, behavioural specialist and education manager at GroomArts, if your normally neat and gentle dog starts destroying your home, something’s clearly wrong. Ben says: ‘We know that cats will scratch and claw your furniture but if this is something your dog adopts in situations where your attention and affection are not solely focused on them, then this can become a problem.

‘Whether it’s biting chunks out of the sofa, clawing at the carpets or simply jumping on surfaces they know they’re not allowed on, wilfully disobedient or destructive behaviour in dogs demonstrates that they’re feeling neglected.After all, if they’re lacking attention, destroying household items is a bold statement that’s bound to get them some, whether that is positive or negative.’

‘Picture the scene,’ says Ben. ‘It’s Valentine’s evening. You’ve lit some candles, cooked an exquisite steak dinner and got the latest Oscar-winning movie all ready to go on the TV. You’re expecting the dog to maybe curl up at your feet, or take a position on the end of the sofa next to the two of you.

Just as you sit down and cuddle up with a glass of wine, your dog jumps on the sofa and pushes between the two of you, making it very clear that either the three of you are having a romantic night in, or no one is.‘If your dog can’t let anyone else get near you without barging into their way, this is a sure sign that your attention isn’t being divided equally enough.’ If your dog seems desperate for attention, they’re probably acting out of jealousy. Pushy behaviour such as constant whining and shoving their way on to your lap is a way for dogs to express their sadness and assert their importance in your lives.

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