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Studying to be a Vet

Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University at the picturesque Wayanad is dedicated to animal care and engages students in a range of clinical and research disciplines from day one.

Kochi, January 22, 2020: One fine morning in 1970, a teacher of a public school in Delhi was asking her students about their ambitions in life. One answer seemed exceptionally intriguing, propelling not only the teacher but also the students to burst into laughter. “I want to take care of cats and dogs,” a Class V girl said, making up a serious face though it seemed bit amusing to others.

Quality Education in Animal Sciences
Did she become a passionate veterinarian or landed up in any other job related to animal care is unknown. But if a student wants to take up animal care, they have a multitude of options to explore. The Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (KVASU), situated in the picturesque Wayanad district of Kerala, is one such place, which offers quality education in animal sciences.

Established in 2010
Apart from producing fresh graduates and conducting researches to better the lives and living conditions of the birds and animals, the institute is actively engaged in the wellbeing of them through its clinical services. Established in 2010, one can find almost all facets of animal care and rearing at this university. It is also making the most of modern technologies to reach out to the farmers and entrepreneurs alike, informs Dr Deepa Anand, assistant professor, Directorate of Entrepreneurship. In 2016, the varsity launched four mobile applications to help the farmers. It is also giving a fillip to the start up culture among the farmers. One such initiative in association with kol farmers of Thrissur district of Kerala has been running successfully for the past three years.

There are two full-fledged hospitals functioning under the university at Mannuthy and Kokkalai, where services including endoscopy, laparoscopy, and surgery are being offered. The regular examination of clinical samples collected from farms, farmers, hospitals and medical colleges are proven to be of invaluable help in the control and treatment of many diseases affecting birds and animals. The institute has also been providing timely advice in disease outbreak in poultry farms. The clinical service department of the university has been effectively handling infertility in farm and pet animals. The services, including artificial insemination, cater to the needs of cattle rears across the state as they are available at several colleges affiliated to the varsity.

Additionally, an ambulatory clinical service and mobile sexual health control unit are also operational. The department is also equipped to analyse the quality of milk samples and detect the presence of antibiotic residues in it.Research is another prominent area where the varsity is focussing. It is aimed at ensuring food safety and security in the country as a whole. Emphasis has been given to overall development of animal husbandry sector, dairy sector, poultry sector and wildlife.

In other words, the varsity is a platform nurturing human resources and knowledge for the sustainable development of livestock. If the outcome turns good, researches aimed at exploring the feasibility of blending coconut and its products for manufacture of dairy products and standardising the technique for manufacture will be a great solace to dairy and coconut farmers alike. Some of the research publications are available on the varsity website. Teaching, research and other services of the varsity are interlinked for better results.

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