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Sugar & Spice

Sugar & Spice
With the sweet boy Oreo keeping her company at
home, everyone’s favourite Rashmi Desai will never run
out of bear hugs and wet kisses all day
Text: Team Buddy Life

Whether she’s lighting up top television shows like Uttaran portraying grey characters, performing at sold-out concerts, or setting the dance floor on fire, super-talented Rashmi Desai juggles the busy life of an actress and a ‘paw-rent’ of an eight-year-old Pekingese pup, Oreo. With the cutiepie keeping her company, she will never run out of bear hugs and wet kisses all day! Originally from China, a Pekingese could only be owned by monarchs. They took a small pet with them everywhere, hired personal servants to care for it, whose duties included walking the dog on a leash of precious stones and small bells. Since the Pekingese had a complex character, it was difficult to call it a companion, but it served as a real decoration of the imperial palace. Their short statured, long flowing coats, and flat faces make them the beloved pets of people all across the world. Originally the favourite breed of the Chinese Imperial Family, they were bred exclusively to be pets and have enjoyed the lap of luxury for centuries. Pekingese are lap dogs. They don’t need a lot of exercise, and they don’t need a lot of space—they only need a lap or a couch. They are exceptionally friendly and loving little dogs who want nothing more than to curl up next to their owners. Just like Desai, international hotties have all flaunted the company of a Pekingese. To name a few, Merilyn Monroe had one, so did Dame Elizabeth Taylor, Barbara Cartland, Richard Burton and our own Shilpa Shetty. Even Donald Trump!

Even with their busy schedules, our favourite celebs always make sure to give their furry family members the love and attention they deserve, especially on social media. Frankly, even we can’t get enough of Oreo’s charms! He has that little extra something, that sparkle, that sets a dog apart. A trained Bharatnatyam and Kathak dancer, she shares a sweet tooth in common with her adorable pet, who looks oh-so edible himself. “Once you start living with them, you count them as your family members and the moment you have them in your life, your life is changed,” she says about pets. Oreo, she says, is sensitive, caring and doesn’t like Santa-Banta jokes!

Were you always attached to dogs? When did you get your first pet and tell us about him/her.

Of course, yes I always loved dogs and I was a child and I would play with whatever stray dog or even anyone’s pet I just loved to cuddle them and feed them.

How many dogs do you have? Which breeds do you have and what are their names?

I have a dog named Oreo and its cutest little thing. It’s of the Pekingese breed.

Any particular reason for their names?

Not as such, but Oreo is a very cute name and I found it really apt for my dog so I just went with it.

If you could share their daily routine with our readers…

Oreo loves to play and I take him for a walk daily and I make sure that he gets a proper routine of taking a

bath, eating and sleeping. I also make sure that he gets timely visits to the vet. He is the one who keeps my

family together.

You are an actor and keep quite a busy schedule between travelling and shooting. Do you find enough time to look after your canine companion?

Of course, the first thing that I do after the shoot is to go back home and meet my pet. I make sure to feed him and to spend quality time with him…I make him run around the house so that he is always active. But in my absence my mom is the one who takes care of everything for Oreo.

Do you take your pet out of town or to the studio sometimes?

It depends where I am going and how long the shoot is going to be. But yes, sometimes I do take Oreo along

with me. Other times I keep him with my family or friends whoever is available.

If yes, then do they enjoy the dance, music and the routine stuff happening at the studio while you’re at work?

Whenever Oreo has been on a shoot he has become the centre of attraction because he’s so cute and everyone just wants to play with him and he loves the music and dance and everything and being a part of the shoot even from a distance.

Who is a better company: a man, woman, or a dog and why?

Anytime a dog because they are so innocent and they don’t judge you or have any tantrums or any complications.

A relationship with your pet is the simplest and purest relationship and I think they are the best companions for

everyone. And on top of it, you can share anything with them and be rest assured that those secrets won’t go anywhere. They are the best secret keepers.

Your pet must’ve given you some anxious moments. Please share some interesting happenings with our readers.

I remember when he would get sick and it was the longest night that I have spent.

Have you ever taken your pet to the dog park? What was his reaction seeing so many other dogs?

He is a very social dog and loves to play with other dogs and other children as well and yes I have taken him to a dog park and it was a very great day for him.

Do you send your dog(s) to the groomer, or do you prefer grooming yourself?

I take him to the groomer myself or sometimes send him if I am busy. I cannot groom him myself all the time but I do give him baths and take care of him whenever I can and that is the most special time that we spend together.

Where do you take Oreo when he falls sick? Do you recommend your vet to other pet lovers?

I have a designated wet and I always take him to the doctor and of course I do recommend my vet to other pet lovers.

How do you feel about homeless dogs? What do you think should be done for their plight?

Homeless dogs should be looked after and provided a shelter, especially in these rains when they get wet and don’t get enough food. I have seen some pretty injured pets on the road and it breaks my heart to see them in such a condition.

Have you ever lost a furry friend? If yes, then how did you cope with the loss?

It’s the hardest thing in the world to lose a pet but you tell yourself that maybe they are in a better place right now then suffer in this world so it becomes easier to cope with the fact that they are not around you anymore.