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Madhya Pradesh Police Induct Same Dog Breed Used In Op To Kill Bin Laden

So far these dogs were used for wildlife protection in the state.

Bhopal, April 16, 2019, 10 P.M.: Belgian Malinois dogs which guard the White House and were part of the team that eliminated Osama bin Laden, have been inducted in Madhya Pradesh Police Dog Squad.

“12 German Shepherd, 12 Doberman, and 2 Belgian Malinois were brought from Hyderabad. They are very useful to the police. The smelling power and working capacity of Belgian Malinois is also better. They were first inducted in Madhya Pradesh police,” AP Singh Baghel, an officer in 23rd Battalion Dog Squad, Bhopal, said.

“Police forces of other countries had them. In our country, BSF and other central forces had asked them. A nine-month training course is being planned for them. The training cost is around 1 lakh per dog in nine-month which includes their diet and other things. When they will formally start serving in police, their expense will be around Rs. 8,000 per month,” he told ANI.

Till now, Belgian Malinois were being used for wildlife protection and anti-poaching operations in Kanha and Pench tiger reserves in Madhya Pradesh.

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