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Planning Vacation with Pooch, here’s what you need to know

Well researched trip is essential for your pet’s safety.

If you are planning a vacation abroad with your furry friend then you are certainly gearing up for overloaded fun and adventure. Thanks to number of pet-friendly facilities and services, taking your pooch along on a trip has become easier than ever. But before you pack your bags, there are things you need to keep in your mind and precautions that require to be maintained.


Traveling via Air

The first thing you need to do is to check whether your pet should be flying at all. If he’s too weak or young, consider leaving him home. Some breeds with short muzzles (such as pugs) will experience breathing difficulties if left in the cargo hold of an airline. You need to know for sure whether your pet is fit to fly.


Well Researched Journey

 Is the airline you have chosen safe for your pet? Track down its history, past events and accidents involving pets if any. This should give you a fair idea of whether you can leave your pet in their hands and rest easy. You could also look into pet-friendly airlines such as Pet Airways.


Pet-related Rules

If you’re flying abroad, make sure you check the pet policies and quarantine regulations there. You need to have all the requisite papers with you and be aware of the kind of vaccinations your pet has.


Petty Issues

In order to ensure hassle free trip you required to take hold on minor issues. Things get messy in the cargo hold, so you need to put your pet’s contact details on its crate to minimize confusion. Also, a tired pet is the best thing you can hope for, so try to give him plenty of exercise right before you leave.





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