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Tesla Fixes its Dangerous ‘Dog Mode’ bug

Dog mode stopped working after manually adjusting car’s fan settings. 

New York, August 4, 2019: Tesla has updated its car software to fix a problem with “Dog Mode,” which is supposed to keep dogs cool in a parked car. Tesla owner Rahul Sood lately discovered that Dog Mode stopped working if you manually adjusted the car’s fan settings after turning it on. Company CEO Elon Musk tweeted that Tesla was fixing the issue, and today Sood posted a picture of a software update noting “Dog Mode Improvements.”

According to The Verge an update text says Dog Mode “will now restrict any manual climate adjustments except for temperature.” So drivers should no longer be able to accidentally deactivate it  and end up in what Sood described as a horrifying situation as he realized he’d briefly left his dog in 85-degree heat. Sood thanked Tesla on Twitter and Facebook, praising the fast rollout of the fix. “Every other car manufacturer should be worried,” he wrote.

Tesla is continuously working to make its advanced vehicles pet friendly. In order to achieve the goal it is investing in Research and making spontaneous changes based on the responses received during the testing Stage. 

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