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The Secret to Keeping Your House Clean Even If You Have Dogs

Trying to keep your house clean while owning pets is a little bit like attempting to brush your teeth while eating Oreo cookies.

Trying to keep your house clean while owning pets is a little bit like attempting to brush your teeth while eating Oreo cookies. Your intentions might be good, but it seems like as soon as one mess gets cleaned up, another one happens somewhere else in your home. It’s enough to make some neatniks reconsider getting pets in the first place. If you didn’t opt for a non-shedding breed, then regular grooming appointments are so important for keeping your dog smelling good and shedding less frequently. If your dog is smelling a little stinky between grooming appointments, give him a quick swipe with a baby wipe. It’ll help remove surface dirt from his coat and keep him smelling fresh until his next bath. You should always pick something that’s sturdy and stain resistant if you have cats or dogs who might shed or snag their claws on certain delicate fabrics. Keeping up with shedding can be a full-time job, even with regular grooming. Purchase the correct brush for your pet’s dander to help reduce the number of times you need to vacuum every week. Whether it’s the throw blanket you keep on the couch or the bedding she uses to sleep on, washing these items regularly will help keep your house smelling good all the time. There’s not much you can do about keeping your pup’s paws clean when it’s muddy outside (unless you invest in doggy rain boots). The best way to clean up dog or cat messes is to catch them right when they happen. As soon as you notice an accident, immediately blot (never rub!) and then treat with a special stain and odor fighting spray.


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