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This is How You Can Stop Your Dog From Barking


There is a reason behind every bark. 

Barking of dogs sometimes make you feel sucked up. However if experts are to be believed dogs never bark without the reason. They believe if you have a barking dog, there are humane ways to stop him or her. First you have to understand why your dog is barking in the first place. Here are the types of barking that they talk about.

First one they talk about is, “Watchdog barking.” This type lets you know that someone is there. The way to stop watchdog barking is to communicate to your dog that you now know that someone is there and that they have done their job.

The second they talk about is, “Request Barking.” When the dog is excited about something they’re getting or want to happen, like a treat or going outside. Simple solution here is do not reward until they stop barking.

The third one they mention is called, “Spooky barking.”  Your dog is scared or provoked. Simply let them know that it’s okay again you are with them or let them see you confront their fear.

The last one that they bring up is called, “Boredom barking.” When you’re not there, your dog misses you. What you need to do is find ways to keep them entertained, perhaps with chew toys or different places they can hang throughout the house for variety.


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