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This Man Transforms Old Tires into Pawsome Beds For Animals

23 year old Brazilian has developed a simple yet valuable hobby for sustainability.

Bogota, September, 16, 2019: There is no limit for creativity and love for animals. Above all if one loves this earth too, that could prove to be a brilliant combination. Like in this case a store cashier by day and craftsman by night, Amarildo Silva collects discarded tires and transforms them into eco-friendly and comfortable beds for animals. With his family’s help, he gathers every tire he can find from the streets or the landfills.

This hardworking man would then clean the tires one by one and paint beautiful designs on them. Then, he would fit a circular mattress in the tire for a more comfortable feel.Proud of his craft, he began selling these beds on his Instagram, which quickly became extremely popular. Silva has sold more than 500 tire-beds in just two years!

He currently only delivers to Brazilian addresses, but he has received requests for orders from Europe, North America, and Asia. What began as a side hobby quickly turned into a business.The best part? His hobby has been an amazing help in minimizing waste. Taking a leaf from his success, he also produces flowerpots and containers from reusable materials.

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