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Woman Enters into Well to Save Dog, Wins Heart Over Internet

A woman risked her life to rescue a dog from a well in Mangaluru.

Bengaluru, February 2, 2020: video of a woman rescuing a dog from a well in Mangaluru has gone viral on social media. The dog fell inside the well accidentally and the woman rushed to the spot to rescue it. The two minute seven second video has been shared on Twitter by a user, Mauna, and has ever since been viewed over 15,000 times.

A rope was attached to her body
As per India Today, the woman climbed down the well as other people attached a rope to her body during the rescue mission. Another rope was then thrown to her and she tied it around the dog after which it was pulled outside. The woman, thereafter, climbed outside the well with much difficulty. “Bless the lady who saved the Dog,” the user captioned the post.

Video went viral
The clip has garnered thousands of likes as netizens praised the woman for saving the dog by risking her life. “For me, she is a hero,” a user wrote in the comments section. Another added, “Hopefully people will become more sensitive towards all life forms and someday we will have a world free from animal slaughter and other brutalities.”

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