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How to keep your dogs cool during a heatwave

The weather is dreamy, but your furry friends might be suffering in this heat.

The weather is dreamy, but your furry friends might be suffering in this heat. Just like when the weather is cold, pets’ wellbeing needs to be taken into consideration when the weather is hot too. From walking on hot pavement to having enough water, here’s how to keep your pets happy and healthy during a heatwave. During the summer months, the pavements can get hot which can damage your pet’s paws. Instead of taking them for a walk in the middle of the day when the sun is at its hottest heat, take them for a walk in the early morning or late evening. Pop the pool under some shade so your pet can wade in to keep cool. Put a number of water bowls around the house and back yard so your pet has access to water even if it accidentally knocks a bowl over. Add some ice to the water to keep it cool. Birds, hamsters, rabbits and the like are all susceptible to the heat as well. It’s best to bring these animals indoors and let them run free in a tiled room or drape their cages in wet towels and place an ice pack in the cage so it can regulate its body temperature. Bringing them inside will help them stay cool. If you’re feeling hot then they probably are too. On a hot or warm day, never leave your animal in a car as this could kill them. For a dog, the symptoms of heatstroke according to the RSPCA are heavy panting, excessive drooling, appearing lethargic, drowsy and uncoordinated and if they have collapsed and are vomiting. If they are displaying any of these signs move them to a cool, shaded area and call a vet immediately.

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